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Out of Nothing Entrepreneur

Turn Your Business Idea into Reality

Step One. Yard One. Dollar One

About ONE

An 8-week program for aspiring entrepreneurs, covering business idea validation, SWOT analysis, MVP creation, offer structuring, and sales techniques to successfully launch and grow a business



1 / What Business do you want to Create?

Identify and evaluate business ideas that align with your interests and skills. Define your mission and vision.

2 / SWOT pt 1

Learn the fundamentals of SWOT analysis. Identify your business's internal strengths and weaknesses.

3 / SWOT pt 2

Analyze external opportunities and threats. Integrate SWOT findings into your business strategy.

4 / MVP to Sale pt 1

Define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that someone is willing to pay for.

5 / MVP to Sale pt 2

Refine and finalize your MVP.  Focus on differentiations and how we will win

6 / Offer Hierarchy

Structure your product/service offerings. Create a value ladder and pricing strategy.

7 / Sales Tactics

Understand the sales process and develop how you sale most efficiently. Identify and target potential foundational customers.

8 / Software to button up

Softwares to maintain and run the business for the long term



General Program

This program is a fully virtual program. Which will give you 8 weeks of content that you can digest on your time frame.  This program you will get in your inbox 24 hours after purchase.

VIP Experience

This Program is one on one coaching each week directly with Chase himself.  You will get the course but will also meet weekly to have greater accountability.  You will get an email 24 hours after purchase to plan your classes


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