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Creating a Tech Company for a Second Revenue Stream

Course Overview:

This course is designed to guide small business owners through the process of leveraging their industry experience to create a tech company as a second revenue stream. Participants will learn to identify pain points, validate solutions, develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and bring their tech solution to market.


1 / Identifying Pain Points in Your Business

Understand and identify the key frustrations and inefficiencies in your current business operations.

2 / Evaluating Market Potential and Customer Validation

Determine if fixing the identified problem would be valuable and if there is a customer market willing to pay for it.

3 / Customer Interviews and SWOT Analysis

Interview potential customers and perform a SWOT analysis to develop a strong business foundation.

4 / Lean Model Canvas and Detailed Wireframing

Develop a Lean Model Canvas and create a comprehensive wireframe for your tech solution.

5 / Defining Your MVP and Development Planning

Identify the core features of your MVP and plan the development process.

6 / Setting Up Development Tools and Online Presence

Set up necessary developer accounts and tools, and reserve your online spaces.

7 / Building a Sales Target List and Marketing Strategies

Start building a list of potential sales targets and learn effective marketing techniques

8 / Creating Sales and Investor Pitch Decks and Final Project Presentation

Develop persuasive sales and investor pitch decks and present your final project.


VIP Experience

This Program is one on one coaching each week directly with Chase himself.  You will get the course digitally but will also meet weekly to have greater accountability and strategic planning and vision.  You will get an email 24 hours after purchase to plan your sessions


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