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Books & Podcasts

Chase’s ability to take real life examples and provide real actionable principles are unmatched easy to understand and digestible pieces makes his books not only easy to read, but more importantly life changing. 

Build A Beast

A beast is someone who does the uncommon; they’ve kept the promises they make to themselves, when everyone around them is trying to make it easier they make it harder, they’ve embraced independence & have committed themselves to working towards their goals. Through their journey they have been forced to persevere under pressure and through that they are humble enough to know they are beatable but beast enough to know they are unkillable. In this book we go through 7 philosophies to turn yourself into a beast/become mentally strong and we tie each philosophy to an athlete we think embodies that philosophy!


Hooswhere Podcast

Join Chase Minnifield, & Max Milien on the Hooswhere Podcast as they sit down with UVA alumni and discuss What they are doing now since leaving the grounds of UVA.


Building the UVA Alumni Community


Through networking, education, events, and conversation


Listen, Learn, Laugh!

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